The beautifully crafted wood effect vinyl flooring is both striking and attention-grabbing. They mimic the grainy woody feel so that it will easily give you an illusion that these are natural wood finish floors.

Benefits of Using Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

There are many benefits of using the wood effect vinyl flooring instead of regular wood flooring.

  • Cost Effective: You get stylish floors in wooden tones at practically half the cost and sometimes even lesser by using wood effect vinyl flooring. They copy the natural finish so well that it is hard to distinguish.
  • Durable: They are very sturdy and can weather considerable amount of foot traffic. Therefore, whenever you are dealing with ways to cover floors that deals with too much foot traffic, think of wood effect vinyl flooring.
  • Slip Resistant: If you have small kids at home or if the industrial unit you own deals with liquid and lot of splitting of fluid, the wood effect vinyl flooring offers one of the best and most functional solutions.
  • Easy To Maintain: This is a rather practical choice for areas that attract a lot of foot traffic. These are easy to clean, water and stain resistant and does not require complicated maintenance. That makes these tiles extremely convenient and cool.
  • Various Designs Range: Customers can free to choose any designs, patterns and colours that they like, you may use different styles for each area of your house eg: kitchen, dining area, bedroom and living room, this definitely will make your house more vigour and stylish.

Types of Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

These wood effect vinyl floorings are available in a variety of form. Practically these are the regular Vinyl floors with a wood finish. So you get them as

  • Planks: This is decidedly one of the most common forms of wood effect vinyl flooring. These are long narrow planks that can be arranged in a variety of patterns to create a unique design on the floors.
  • Sheets: These are normally available in long continuous sheets. As a result, they look very beautiful in creating seamless flooring anywhere in the house, public areas or even commercial properties.
  • Tiles: The wood effect vinyl flooring tiles are just like any normal Vinyl tile. They are available in a variety of sizes and varied woody finish to offer the ultimate chic classy and modern look in your house.
  • Innovative Luxury Tiles: The advantage of this type of tile is that apart from the cool looks, it also feels soft and comfortable under your foot. So you have the proper combination of class and quality.

Benefits of Hiring Us

We offer a distinctly varied range of designs and finish to help you get the best quality flooring solution for your house and office.

  • Experienced Staff: With over years of working experience, our expertise reflects very vividly in every project that we take up.
  • Wide Range: Our customers are spoilt for choice. We offer many varieties both in terms of colours and patterns.
  • Great Quality: We offer undeniably the best quality of products. Given our wide procurement network, we get the products directly from the manufacturers and key procurement sources.
  • Special Offers: Our prices are competitive. That makes our services absolutely value based and helps you optimize your investment.

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