The vinyl wood tile options are attractive wood finish vinyl tiles. They are highly resistant, sturdy and offer you the classy hardwood finish at practically half the cost.

Benefits of Vinyl Wood Tile

The vinyl wood tiles can be used in both residential and commercial properties.

They are:

  • Sturdy: The Vinyl wood tiles are extremely durable, and they can take in a lot of rough and regular use. This is why they are very well suited for living room, kitchen and commercial units where there is relatively more amount of foot traffic.
  • Practical: These are extremely practical and functional flooring options across a wide range of properties. They can be used both inside rooms and outside too. To make your environment look luxury, this is the best option.
  • Stain & Water Resistant: They are extremely water resistant and do not stain that quickly either. They can be cleaned very easily with soft cloth and maintenance is rather simple.
  • Easy Installation: As these are available in tile format, they are quite easy to install. In case any piece gets damaged, replacement of these Vinyl wood tiles is also quite uncomplicated.
  • Various New Designs: There are many colours, patterns that you can choose from, the effect looks like real solid wood, sometimes people may find it hard to differentiate the Vinyl from the real wood planks.

Types of Vinyl Wood Tiles

You can choose from a range of Vinyl wood tiles depending on the type of property you are likely to install. The relative foot traffic on the floor is an important consideration.

  • No-wax: This kind of Vinyl wood tiles remains shiny even without polish and any buffering. It remains stain resistant and is extremely economical in terms of installation expenses and per square meter cost of the tiles.
  • Urethane: These are resistant to scuffing and staining. As a result, they offer better protection from stains and liquid spills. They are durable, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Enhanced Urethane: These are resistant to scratching along with scuffing and staining. These are also extremely water resistant similar to other vinyl tiles. They offer great durability and retain the original shine without any polishing and buffing for years together. That makes them one of the great quality offerings.

Benefits of Hiring Us

There are many advantages of hiring experienced professionals like us. Be it at your office, shop or at home, finishing is all that matters and helps provide a better quality look and feel to the overall product.

  • Eye for Details: Our staff is trained to make sure every small and big detail with regards to finishing is taken care of.
  • Competitive Pricing: As we source directly from the manufacturers, we are able to offer a pricing advantage to our customers. This makes sure that you get high quality at reasonable rates.
  • Quality Products: We offer high-quality products with wide products range, you can select any designs and patterns that best suit your needs.
  • Customization: We undertake a careful analysis of your home decor and style the Vinyl wood tiles accordingly. The customization also helps you make a distinct statement.

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