In the recent years, vinyl flooring markets have grown drastically for obvious reasons like affordability, quality and easy maintenance.

Moreover, with assistance from our latest manufacturing technologies, vinyl flooring options offer incredibly realistic designs of wood, hardwood, ceramic and stone but at a much lower price.

There are hundreds of different textures and styles available in the market to choose from. So, how does one be sure to make the right choice? is the best vinyl flooring supplier in Malaysia. We supply variety types of premium quality Vinyl Flooring Tiles that suitable to be installed for Office, Shop and Home.

In this article, we have put together a small guide to help you determine the best alternative with respect to your flooring requirements and preferences.

To choose the right vinyl flooring for your home we have two options available for consumers:

Inlaid Vinyl

Inlaid vinyl has colour granules embedded into the surface vinyl sheets.

  • This gives the vinyl a deeper look.
  • Provides the option to choose from many colours.
  • When examined closely, it shows varying shades which create the overall tone.

Printed Vinyl

A pattern or colour is printed directly onto the vinyl.

  • Printed vinyl imitates the material of choice more realistically.

  • It is the perfect select for homes because of its very attractive and expensive nature.

Like most flooring vinyl comes in different sizes and shapes to match and fit every room in the best way possible.

1. Sheet

Vinyl sheets limit the number of seams and are also great for high moisture areas like kitchens.

2. Tile

Tiles are an extraordinary speculation when vinyl is made to look like marble or other traditionally tiled floors.

  • It can be moderately easy to introduce and make a predictable look in another room.

  • One other benefit of having individual tiles is that they are easier to replace when one is broken.

  • The vinyl tiles can also be used to arrange patterns.

3. Plank

Planks are ideal for flooring where it required imitating wood or hardwood.

  • It imitates how wood and hardwood flooring is cut very perfectly.

  • Vinyl planks provide great durability than traditional wood or hardwood.

  • It also provides more stain resistance.


You can have confidence that vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring investment either for long term or short term. They without doubt promises you more saving and more doing. Contact us now for more Vinyl Flooring purchase or installation information.