Decorating a new home? Remodelling flooring at your older place? You love the look of hardwood or perhaps stone flooring appeal you more, hesitant? Probably high maintenance efforts and less durability are stopping you.

If this is the case, Vinyl flooring for the home is the most contemporary and versatile flooring in today’s world, especially in Malaysia. With the advancements in the vinyl flooring industry, there is no doubt that it has emerged as a suitable and convincing option for home floors. The advantages of vinyl flooring will have you running to the vinyl flooring store.

Some top reasons why you might prefer vinyl flooring for home over other options are listed below.

1) Variety

Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of patterns, colours and textures and heights. It can replicate the look of hardwood, stone, ceramic tiles and even leather. The colour options cater to different tastes easily. There is no other flooring option that offers similar variety.

2) Low Maintenance:

  • Easy to clean: Vinyl flooring can be swept and dusted easily; it requires only periodical mopping, best to use vinyl cleaning liquids. Living room cleaning will be hassle-free after vinyl flooring.

  • Stain resistant: Vinyl flooring is less prone to stains.

  • Anti-scratch: Hard-bearing flooring is anti-scratch; it is pet-friendly, as it is less prone to damage from pet paws and nails etc.

  • Durable: It is durable and sturdy, and can cater easily to an area that has high usage. Heavy-duty vinyl can last up to 20 years with proper care.

3) Comfortable

Vinyl flooring provides a soft and comfortable floor to walk on. A hard feeling of traditional tiles will be gone forever.

4) Economical

The variety and richness of vinyl flooring, its resilience, low cost on maintenance makes it budget friendly. Vinyl flooring per foot can cost less than any other flooring option if you compare per square yard price without installation.

5) Easy installation

Vinyl flooring comes in a sheet, plank and tile forms. While sheet vinyl calls for professional installation, tiled vinyl nowadays is backed with adhesive and is easier to install, thus making it a great DIY option for remodelling of the house with fewer efforts.

6) Anti-bacterial

Kids are the energy in the house – vinyl flooring provides a safer option for home flooring, being equipped with antimicrobial qualities, it falls less for bacteria and mold.

7) Durable

At last, there is no doubt now that this durable, resilient and sturdy flooring attracts you and you can’t wait to have it in your house. With the variety of textures, colours, and patterns you can create the look you want without spending fortunes.

Get Your Vinyl Flooring Now

Vinyl flooring is easy on the pocket and easy to care for. It is something that looks appealing without turning you into a maid, scrubbing and mopping constantly, it saves you from such hassles.

It can easily be installed on wood, concrete, and vinyl floors. And the fact that Vinyl flooring manufacturers like us are constantly moving towards more Eco-friendly versions is a major plus point.

Want to learn more about why vinyl flooring for the home is the best option? Give us a call or send us an email now for more information.