If you want to turn your home into a luxurious looking place, with clean, comfortable and beautiful floors but you cannot invest a lot in the refurbishing it needs.

The vinyl floor tiles are the perfect substitute for the real concrete, wooden and marble flooring. They are the most in-thing these days due to their long-lasting, durable quality and lower costs.


One key requirement for the application of these flooring tiles is that the base floor has to be clean and levelled as any uneven bumps will show up and affect the floor’s appearance on top.

Designed to be tough against breakage, scraping, stains and other damage, these vinyl floor tiles are very simple to install.

They come with a paper stuck on the backside, which can be removed and the tile can be placed and sticks by itself on the floor. Another type comes as a normal tile which can be glued onto the flat surface using a tile adhesive glue.

The former option, however, is the least messy and easiest to work with.

In case, a part of the tile is damaged – although the chances are minimal – it can easily be smoothed out through buffers and chemicals, or the tile can be completely replaced with a new one with zero mess.

Design Options

Vinyl tiles are available in a variety of colours, designs, patterns, and textures. The commonly used includes the ones available in the textures of real:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Slate


Cleaning is a major concern for houses where pets or children are involved. These tiles can be easily swept and cleaned as and when required, no such maintenance is required.


A typical vinyl tile is composed of four layers:

  1. Urethane layer: It protects the tile against scratches and abrasions.
  1. Protective clear layer: Prevents tears and rips.
  1. A printed layer: For the beauty, design, colours and patterns.
  1. A vinyl backing layer: For strength and durability.

Vinyl floors are being used across various industries, as these are easy to maintain, very environment-friendly and comfortable and have minimal chances of slipping or other accidents.

These tiles are available in the varieties of low, medium and high gloss and can be used on literally any flat surface. Be it in the bedroom, office, living room, etc.

Final Word

So, if you are looking for the beauty, looks and sturdiness of the real wooden, concrete or other floors, but want the benefits of a synthetic floor, vinyl tiles are your ultimate solution.

Warmer, comfortable and more stain resistant, they are the best alternative to the other options with a unique blend of benefits from both. Contact us now, and give your home the perfect makeover it needs!