Vinyl click flooring emerges as a top contender when we talk about innovative, cutting-edge, convenient and classy flooring. It is a particular type of Luxury vinyl tiles that click together. So, no more uneven flooring or tedious installation.

If you want your floor to be durable, elegant and luxury, Vinyl Click flooring is the best options, it is completely VOC free, no VOC emission, thus it is an ideal choice for home, shop or office.

Benefits of Vinyl Click Flooring

There are many advantages of using the Vinyl Click Flooring option instead of the regular ones.

  • Warmth: These tiles mimic the look of expensive hardwood, stone and plank. So you can get the same tone and earthy warm feel by deciding on the appropriate colour and look amongst these Vinyl tiles.
  • Durability: The Vinyl Click Flooring tiles have an additional layer. This makes them very sturdy and extremely durable. As a result, they are ideal for heavy traffic residential and commercial zones in any given property.
  • Water Resistant: The Vinyl Click Flooring tiles are not pasted on to the floor. As a result, they are placed more uniformly without a scope for unevenness. This is a key factor in making these lot more water resistant than regular Vinyl tiles with adhesive.
  • Convenient: So needless to mention that these tiles are way more convenient than the conventional Vinyl tiles. The installation also takes a lot less time and resources.

Types of Vinyl Click Flooring

The Vinyl Click Flooring is available in primarily luxury Vinyl tiles.

  • Wood Effect: You can easily choose from a variety of wood effect vinyl tiles. These mimic the look and feel of wooden flooring, both hardwood and softwood. These are popular in residential use as well as commercial properties.
  • Stone Effect: These give you the look and feel of classic stone or ceramic floors. Whether you are using in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, this offers a perfect match.
  • Contemporary: If you want to make a statement, stand apart from the crowd but stick to a specific budget, these are just the appropriate options for you. These are incredibly cool and convenient flooring options.
  • Abstract: As the name indicates, these are primarily printed vinyl tiles with the click lock option. They are available in a variety of abstract concept and colours. They are just ideal for modern and impactful de

Benefits of Hiring Us

But the trick with Vinyl Click Flooring is the installation bit. In the absence of the right alternative, it can look really uneven and imperfect. That is where our expertise comes to play.

  • Experienced: We have years of experience in creating and installing a variety of flooring option. The Vinyl Click Flooring is our particular area of expertise, and we have improvised significantly in this area.
  • Reliable: This is another reason why our clients keep coming back to us again and again. When you deal with us, we make sure we handle all your concerns in a constructive manner.
  • Value For Money: Our USP is Quality first, all our products are carefully selected. As a result, we are able to offer high-quality products at competitive rates, giving you a cost-effective offer.
  • Wide Range: We have a wide range of design and colours and even customize patterns to suit customer requirement and style.

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