office-carpet-installationCarpet is a popular form of flooring because of its added benefits for commercial use. Carpets are regularly found in most homes but are more common in offices. One often sees carpets throughout multi-storey office buildings, convention centres, hotels, airports,etc.

Carpets have the knack to brighten up the interiors of any place perfectly.

Carpets are usually rated as an absorptive fabric – it is popular among offices because it can reduce the noise level by absorbing sound waves.

As carpets also acts as insulation, they can help consume energy by keeping rooms warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer.This is why carpets are one of the most common flooring options for offices due to their numerous benefits.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Office Carpet

Before choosing an office carpet for your company or business, here are some important factors to look upon.

1. Suitability

Is the carpet suitable for the area it is being installed in?

Carpets are rarely a source of fire. However, it can get involved once a fire is underway so having a material in your office that reduces the hazards in the event of a fire is extremely important.

2. Resilience

As more people walk on the carpet in offices if compared to homes, you must make sure the carpet you are coshing is durable. Commercial carpets are available in that market that are designed to cater to the needs of heavy traffic offices. It is advisable that you choose a carpet that is appropriate to the level of foot traffic in each area of your office.

3. Colour and Pattern

Colour is one of the few factors that need to be addressed to ensure the durability of the carpet. There is a lot of research to propose that the colour of an office carpet has an impact on the productivity of the workforce.

Colour and pattern are very important considerations before buying an office carpet. If you are worried about the coffee spills, a dark color pattern is more suitable.

It is, therefore, important that you consider how the carpet will appear in a duration of ten years.

4. Cost

High quality, durable carpets are a good investment for any commercial setting. Most of the commercial or office carpets are designed to be long lasting and sturdy while keeping the cost low.

Look for carpets that are not too luxurious that will help in reducing the cost. In some cases, carpets with patterns cost more than solid tones.

5. Easy to Maintain

Easy maintenance is of utmost importance when it comes to carpets. Once the carpet has been installed maintenance is the most important thing that you need to do to extend the life of the carpet.

Generally commercial carpets are very easy to maintain if compared to other carpets. They are easy to vacuum as most are made dense and flat.

Discover everything you need to know about long lasting office carpets to ensure a wise investment, learn more by contacting us for your office carpet needs.