The non-slip vinyl flooring is one of the most preferred options in residential areas with lots of children or aged, schools, medical facilities and office. Often this is the best bet for creating a safe indoor environment.

Due to the special surface texture of the products, it will increase the friction surface and give you an anti-slip effect. It is advisable to be used in the high moisture places, eg: kitchen and changing room to reduce the risk of falling.

Benefits of Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

There are many advantages of non-slip vinyl flooring in the house and room.

  • Reduce Accident Prospects: Whether you have small kids or aged, accident due to slipping is a major hassle. Both in terms of cost and discomfort, it is a big relief to make sure you can avoid this problem using the non-slip vinyl flooring.
  • Ensure A Safe Working Environment: That means whether it is in the home, school, hospitals or a commercial unit, we always place safety as our first priority. These flooring options make sure you can provide a safe environment to work. This also makes people who are using the facility more confident.
  • Reduce Risk of An Accident: If you cut down the risk of accident, the relative expenses of insurance, medical fee, compensation are also much lower, it cuts down the day to day expenses to a large extent.
  • Provides Better Efficiency: When people are more confident and there is no fear of fall, they become a lot agiler and efficient.

Types of Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring

You have a wide range of options to choose from in terms of the style of non-slip vinyl flooring.

  • Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring Rolls: These are available in rolls and are used extensively in commercial These are practical, cost-efficient. It is a perfect choice for areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring Planks: These are better suited for schools and hospitals. They are functional but also offer an aesthetic edge to the flooring and overall de This is what makes them a very popular choice.
  • Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring Tiles: These mimic the hardwood look and offer an element of understated charm and elegance to the flooring. So it is cost-effective, practical, functional and extremely popular. They can also withstand the regular use of wheelchairs and prams effectively for years.
  • Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring Ultra Comfort: These include all the advantages of the non-slip Vinyl Flooring and at the same time are very plush. So you get a luxurious and comfortable floor along with extreme versatility and functional quality.

Benefits of Hiring Us

It always helps when you hire experienced Non-Slip Vinyl Flooring installation providers like us.

  • Quality Finish: We ensure you have a beautifully finished installation. Our experts specialize in guaranteeing phenomenal finishing.
  • Wide Products Range: When you deal with us you do not have to compromise in terms of range or variety. We also customize designs and colours to match your overall décor.
  • Reasonable Pricing: We offer competitive rates that are in sync with the current market rates. This helps us offer value for money deals.
  • Prompt Service: For many years, we are known for delivering prompt and effective service every time you contact us.

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