Laminate flooring is a user-friendly, durable and inexpensive alternative to rich wooden floorings. With a wide variety, pocket-friendly options and scratch resistant alternatives, it is fast becoming a top choice for homeowners trying to do up their house within a budget.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

There are many advantages of using Laminate flooring

  • Light Weight: The Laminate flooring is extremely lightweight. As a result, carrying it from one place to another becomes really convenient. You do not have to struggle too much with it.
  • Cost Effective: These are relatively inexpensive when you compare them with the original wood flooring options. Plus the wide variety ensures that you can bring in glamour and classy decor even within a budget.
  • Environment-Friendly: These laminate floors snap together. So you do not need to use external glue that releases harmful VOC. Therefore, you can reduce your carbon footprint too.
  • Easy Maintenance: The laminate floors are very tough so, as a result, cleaning them is never difficult. Moreover, it does not need too much maintenance either. Often a simple sweep in a couple of days is sufficient.
  • Water Resistant: You can install it in a high moisture place, eg: kitchen or living room, it is okay to contact with water, it will not cause any harm to the materials.

Types of Laminate Flooring

Given the recent technological innovation and product popularity, laminate flooring is now available in a wide range of options

  • Glue-less Laminate Flooring: These use laminate planks or tiles that do not have to be glued together. They are very simple to install, non-messy and extremely popular amongst homeowners. You just have to follow the right method to install it.
  • Self-Adhesive Laminate Flooring: You do not have to apply glue separately in case of this variant. They have glue applied to it already. Only the edges have to be dampened to activate the glue that is already stuck to it. Therefore, this is an easy to install option.
  • High-Pressure Laminate: In this case, two or more planks are fused together after being glued. This is a more durable variant of laminate flooring. It can be used in residential and commercial real estate.
  • Embossed Laminate Flooring: These are made of heat sensitive polymers. They are primarily raised in various patterns, and they are available in blocks and strips.

Benefits of Hiring Us

There are many advantages of hiring us for installing laminate flooring in your homes or offices.

  • Wide Range of Options: When you deal with us, you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Be it in terms of colour, finish, design or even budget; we have solutions that suit the need of every type of buyer.
  • Expert Installation: Our staff is specially trained in fitting a variety of laminate flooring. So, quality finish and look are guaranteed when you deal with us.
  • Quality Products: We only focus on quality products, all our products are carefully selected. So, we can deliver great quality and range at the same time.
  • Reasonable Rates: This also helps us in keeping the overhead expenses limited. As a result, our customers get quality products at very affordable rates.

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