Nowadays, vinyl flooring is convenient not just for home and residential regions. The industrial vinyl flooring is created especially for addressing the flooring needs of industrial and office areas because they have unique safety and quality requirements and need durable stuff.

Advantages of Industrial Vinyl Flooring

There are many advantages of installing industrial vinyl flooring. These include:

  • Stain Resistant: It is resistant to stains and marks. The working condition in industries is very different. So when you have stain resistant, it surely does help in maintaining clean working condition.
  • Anti-slip: You cannot afford to compromise safety in an industrial set-up. In that context, the industrial vinyl flooring is an anti-slip product. As a result, employees and workers on the floor have better grip and lesser probability to slip.
  • Durable: They are very sturdy and can easily bear additional footfall at any time. So it is ideal for industries with a huge list of employees on their payroll.
  • Easy To Install: The installation process is speedy. It does not involve a lot of time and normally gets done in a matter of days. Moreover, installation of these does not involve too much of dirt and dust either.

Types of Industrial Vinyl Flooring

Some of the most popular Industrial Vinyl Flooring variants include:

  • Anti-bacterial Vinyl Flooring: As the name indicates, these are ideal for hospitals and all other areas that need the highest degree of hygiene. This is pure virgin PVC rolls as opposed to recycled material. They are very durable and can last very long.
  • Fire-proof Anti-static Industrial Vinyl Flooring: These soft industrial vinyl flooring rolls are covered by waterproof craft paper. They are flexible, homogenous, resistant to fire and anti-static in nature.
  • Environment-friendly Industrial Vinyl Flooring: These are water-proof, anti-slip, non-flammable, and resistant to acid. That makes these flooring options replete with advantages for any type of industrial set-up.
  • Luxury Industrial Vinyl FlooringSheet: These flooring alternatives come with PUR surface treated floors. So you can easily choose a polish-free maintenance routine. This is cost and time effective solution for all types of users.

Benefits of Hiring Us

There are many reasons why you may choose us over others for Industrial Vinyl Flooring installation.

  • Cost-effective solution: Our flooring solutions are always priced reasonably. So you can optimize the value of every cent and time you invest with us.
  • Timely Delivery: We are great sticklers of the deadline. When our team examines a potential working spot and gives a deadline after we have done the detailed calculation, we always deliver within that time.
  • Wide Range of Options: Being one of the reputable and experience Industrial Vinyl Flooring service providers, our range of options are stupendous. Our clients are almost always amazed by the range of options we offer.
  • Great Finish: Finishing in case of flooring is very important. We recognize the need for the perfect finish and that is why our personnel pay extra attention to ensure faultless finishing.

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